Former Lazio Goalkeeper Orsi Remains Skeptical Over Whether Simone Inzaghi Will Sign a Contract Extension With the Biancocelesti

Former Lazio goalkeeper Fernando Orsi is skeptical over whether his former club will come to terms on a new contract extension agreement with Simone Inzaghi.

Inzaghi is still set to become a free agent manager following this season. Rumours have circulated as of late over Inzaghi and Lazio possibly being close to agreeing to a new extension deal. But at the moment, there have been no reports on Inzaghi ending speculation over his future by signing such a deal.

This delay between the two sides has Orsi questioning whether a deal between them will come to fruition in the end. The former Lazio goalkeeper spoke to the Italian-based outlet TuttoMercatoWeb about his thoughts on this matter.

It’s been 4-5 months that both Lotito and Inzaghi say that everything is fine, that they are father and son and that sooner or later he signs, but they are not doing it. There is something, it does not seem a linear situation to me. Lazio are positioned, whether they go to the Champions League or not.

I am not so convinced that Inzaghi will sign the contract. He has started an important cycle and done a great job: if he goes elsewhere, it would be a professional growth for him. It is part of the normality of things in football.

Orsi also touched on whether changes could be on the horizon with Lazio’s tactical setup, such as with its formation.

When he started in Lazio, he used the back four. Then moving on to 3-5-2, he found great satisfaction. Even the latest signings went in that direction, but I have no doubt that he knows how to change.

It will be interesting to see whether Inzaghi may look to alter the team’s tactical setup following the ongoing international break.

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