Lazio and Simone Inzaghi remain at a standstill over contract extension talks.

Inzaghi is still set to become a free agent manager at the end of the season. Although rumors continue to circulate that the Italian manager may soon sign off on a new deal, no such agreement has been reached yet.

Italian journalist Massimo Barchiesi speculates (via Cittaceleste) that there may be a few key factors that are holding up the contract talks, which could include Inzaghi likely questioning whether he should carry on as the manager of Lazio.

Inzaghi has brought Lazio back to the Champions League after thirteen years. And the team did well. Perhaps, however, he expected to see some more reinforcements. For me, with all the problems that have been there, he has done too much.

I put myself in his shoes for a second. I wonder, if I haven’t had the reinforcements now, when will I have them? If this is the consideration he is making, I think it is legitimate. With this team, he has done the best.

To achieve something more, we would need some help from the transfer market. But, if not, it would be right to turn the page.

If Inzaghi goes on to depart from the club, Barchiesi precincts that one key Lazio player could subsequently elect to leave as well.

For me, if Inzaghi leaves, Luis Alberto leaves with him.

To understand what kind of market it will be, we will have to wait to find out who will be his replacement. The league placement will also be indicative. An entry into the Champions League could change things. The players prefer to play in certain competitions, rather than appearing in the lower European competitions.

It remains to be seen how Inzaghi’s contract dilemma will play out.