Italian Journalist Recanatesi Believes Simone Inzaghi Should Make Drastic Changes With Lazio’s Tactical Setup

Italian journalist Franco Recanatesi believes that it may be time for Simone Inzaghi to draw up major changes with Lazio’s tactical setup.

Inzaghi has remained content with keeping the team’s current 3-5-2 setup. The Biancocelesti has had success under this formation in years past, but one could make the argument that this tactical approach has grown stale as of late.

Recanatesi calls (via Cittaceleste) for Inzaghi to consider altering how the team lines up.

I’d like to see the Inzaghi of the first year again. The one that every now and then changed the module depending on the need. Now, however, it’s been a few years since he’s seen anything but the 3-5-2.

One alternative for Lazio could possibly be a change to a 4-4-2 setup, which Recanatesi sees could have promising potential with this team but still, there may be one issue that may come with such a change.

With this team, I would say Lazzari and Marusic, on the right and left in defense respectively. With Luiz Felipe and Acerbi in the center of the department. Pereira high on the left, however, does not convince me, I see him too offensive for those tasks. Maybe it would be necessary to buy someone capable of being an outside midfield player.

Let’s say that so, on paper, it seems to me a team too unbalanced to play in a module like the one indicated.

It will be a storyline to watch on whether any notable tactical changes could be on the horizon for Lazio.

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