Italian Lawyer Mignogna Provides Latest Update in Fight for Lazio to Be Awarded 1915 Scudetto

Italian lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna has released a new statement (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) regarding the news surrounding his fight for Lazio to be awarded the 1915 Scudetto. Below is Mignogna’s statement in full, detailing the current events surrounding the case.

The undersigned Lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna, on his own behalf, on behalf of the approximately 40,000 signatories of the Petition ‘Lazio 1914/15, Campione d’Italia ex aequo!’ and on behalf of some small shareholders of S.S. Lazio S.p.A., for the purposes of an exhaustive, satisfactory and positive definition of the procedure concerning the awarding of the 1915 Scudetto ex aequo to Lazio and Genoa, has formally requested the FIGC to forward to all the new Board members a complete copy of every deed, document and/or evidential dossier produced in the medium term in support of the petition in question.

In this regard, it should be noted that the Federal Council of 19/07/2016, as per its minutes, established that the aforementioned petition would be ‘brought up for discussion at future meetings’ and to this end ratified the delivery to the Directors (then in office) of the ‘Report of the Commission established for the examination’ of the request for ex aequo assignment.

Recalling that the undersigned has placed himself at the disposal of the FIGC and/or the Historical Commission, subsequently appointed by the current Federal Presidency, for any in-depth examination and/or clarification that may be necessary from a historical, legal, evidential and sports point of view, finally, the undersigned has reiterated all the requests already formalized in acts independently and in the capacity ut supra specified, making a request to President Gabriele Gravina so that the extraordinary proceedings in question be defined on the basis of the ‘ratio’ of the previous art. 33 of the Code of Sporting Justice, which allowed the submission of petitions also to third parties ‘with indirect interests’ and legitimized the Federal President to ‘establish special procedures’ for specific ‘sporting needs’ and the current art. 142 of the Code of Sporting Justice, which states that ‘proceedings pending’ at the time of the entry into force of the (new) Code ‘shall in any case continue to be carried out according to the provisions in force’.

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