Lazio Lawyer Gentile: “FIGC Prosecutor’s Office’s Demands Are Very Exaggerated”

Lazio lawyer Gian Michele Gentile was not impressed with the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office requested punishment for the club at the trial earlier today.

Speaking with Italian broadcaster Rai Sport (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) after today’s session at the Federal Court, where Lazio have been accused of violating FIGC protocol regarding the communication of Covid-19 positive cases in the squad, Gentile was not happy with the FIGC Prosecutor’s requested punishment.

The requests made by the FIGC prosecutor’s office are very exaggerated. They are requests that are the result of a completely wrong vision of the whole matter.

The requests involve a €200,000 fine for Lazio, a 13 month and 10-day ban to president Claudio Lotito and 16 month bans to doctors Ivo Pulcini and Fabio Rodia.

The accusation against Lazio is that they violated the FIGC’s protocol regarding the communication of positive cases of Covid-19 to the relevant Local Health Authority, ahead of their games against Club Brugge, Zenit and Torino.

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