Lazio lawyer Gian Michele Gentile highlighted that the Biancocelesti did not break protocol regarding their inconsistent Covid-19 test results.

As reported by Italian radio broadcaster Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), the trial against Lazio regarding the testing issue begins today, with lawyer Gentile having prepared a 25-page document laying out the club’s defense, with 52 attachments which include the opinions of three experts.

Gentile commented on the case, saying:

Responsibilities cannot be attributed to us that do not affect the club as demonstrated by ministerial circulars, notes from the Region and the UEFA protocol.

This process concerns the entire legislative system of the FIGC. Some rules are missing and some are not clear.

The Biancocelesti’s position is that there cannot be sanctions if the law hasn’t come into force. Lazio claim that the protocol hasn’t been approved by CONI yet, and therefore cannot be in effect.

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