Michela Guerini: “Daniel Wanted to Become a Lazio Legend, That Was His Dream”

Michela Guerini, the mother of Lazio Primavera midfielder Daniel who sadly passed away earlier this week, expressed her deep grief at the death of her son.

Speaking in an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, she fondly remembered her son.

I would like to say goodbye to him on a football pitch with the Lazio anthem. He was happy because he had returned to Lazio, he had signed a three-year contract.

He was unique, he never got down. I would like the funeral to be outdoors, on a football pitch, with lots of blue and white balls, with the Lazio anthem playing, because Lazio was his second family.

She revealed her last phone call with Daniel.

I called him at 19:30, he had just come out of training and was going to Tiziano’s for dinner. I told him ‘love, don’t go, you went out yesterday too, come home.’

He told me: ‘Mum come on, I’ll be there in a bit, don’t worry’.

Michela Guerini spoke about Daniel’s dream with Lazio.

He always said, ‘I’ll be like Totti was for Roma, I can become a flag for Lazio’. He wanted to become a Lazio legend.

That was his dream, the dream of a whole family who grew up in the Curva Nord. And he was so happy to be back in Rome.

She did not understand what had occurred that night.

I don’t know anything yet. I’ve been with Tiziano’s mum (Daniel’s friend who’s in a critical condition). My nephew is an angel, he’s not a wild man, it’s impossible for him to run.

He’s very responsible, he’s the one who puts peace and quiet between people.

Finally, Michela Guerini spoke about Daniel in general.

He was a great guy, all home and football. He couldn’t wait to sign a contract with Lazio, like the one Romano Floriani has just signed, because he wanted to be a symbol for this team, he wanted to give everything.

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