Former Defender Wants to See Lazio Provide Youth Players an Opportunity to Crack the Senior Squad

Lazio isn’t known for having its youth players from their academy crack their first-team squad. However, the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the club’s financial revenue, and there’s the possibility of no UEFA Champions League money heading towards Biancocelesti’s way. 

As a result, the Rome-based club could be looking at various ways to improve their squad, including giving their youth players an opportunity, with Lazio trying to recover financially. Bargain buys and perhaps providing young players a look could be a way to give their squad depth. 

In an interview with Radiosei (via Citta Celeste), former Lazio defender Massimo Piscedda stated that he would like his ex-club to give the youth players a chance to crack the first team. 

I know all the Under 21 players. Nicolato’s 3-5-2 is made up of good players. And I must say that the coach looks very promising. There would also be good players who would suit Lazio. I think about Sala of SPAL, who is doing very well, even if Sassuolo owns him. As characteristics, he is a good winger who knows how to push. However, players like him must learn to defend more and attack. Before, the full-back was able to do both phases well. Now, however, they know only one better.

Lazio will have money for perhaps a couple of critical recruits. Nonetheless, to fill out roles such as rotational squad players. Simone Inzaghi could head down to watch a few primavera fixtures to see if any of the club’s young talents might fit his system. 

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