Lazio Director De Martino: “Media Attacks on the Covid-19 Ruling Have Been Collected”

Lazio’s communications director Stefano De Martino was not happy with the media’s attacks on the club following their disappointing ruling in court last week.

Speaking with Italian radio broadcaster Lazio Style Radio (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), De Martino spoke about the Federal Court’s decision to punish the club for their handling of the inconsistent Covid-19 tests earlier this season.

After the first round that took place 48 hours ago, we have a ruling that we can comment on. Lazio have been financially sanctioned. We all know about the media terrorism that was unleashed against the club, the full-page headlines that La Gazzetta dello Sport made (the club has taken strong positions on the matter).

This will be a second affair and we will see how far they have gone. Nothing has passed and nothing passes, we have collected, listened and read everything. The communications office, in its role, has handed everything over to the team. For now, there is the issue of the first-degree ruling that does not leave us satisfied. You have been able to read the device with which Lazio defended itself.

Everything has been reconstructed in detail, underlining how the club has always been concerned about the health of its members and not only. There is an appeal that will have to be lived and we will understand if this defense will be accepted in the right way. It remains to be seen what the second round will be and how the case will be investigated. Regarding the media aspect, for Lazio it was damaging.

There were people who made all kinds of remarks. Historically there’s always this kind of attitude towards Lazio, but I’m comforted by the fact that many have noticed. I read what Criscitiello said and obviously it’s not just his reading, but that of many. We have received many messages in private.

When the conclusion of this affair arrives, we will count everything that has been published in a reckless manner and whoever is in charge will have to answer for it. This time the bottom has been reached. I’ve been here for 13 years, we’ve been through a lot, but to put Lazio and the president on the side of a health issue I think has been exaggerated.

At the moment we haven’t said anything out of respect for the case that is still open. I think certain behaviours are outside the professional sphere. I’ve also spoken to our doctors, who have always done everything with the desire to do well.

He touched on the importance of the upcoming games.

After this break there’s Spezia and with it the chase for the Champions League. We need to be concentrated and these events certainly don’t help, but the club has done well to pull together. We work with our feet firmly on the ground.

Saturday will be important, we must win the match. Every game is important. Until the last day it will be a battle, there are no written outcomes. The team is concentrated, under the orders of Inzaghi who has the soul of a fighter.

The final rush will be decisive, also considering the derby on the penultimate day. We hope we won’t be distracted by anything.

De Martino spoke about the death of Primavera player Daniel Guerini last week.

Another sad event that strikes us, another young Biancoceleste life cut short by a car accident. The club was stunned by the news, it destroyed us. We’ve been calling each other to get as much news as possible about what happened.

This event has shaken us even more, given the moment we are going through. It was a whiplash from which no one has yet recovered. We embrace the family, but I realise that words count for little in certain situations.

We will try in every way to keep Daniel alive with us through our gestures and thoughts. When it is permitted, we will pay our last respects. Even today there is a very heavy air because the life of a young man who had a dream and was pursuing it with great seriousness is missing.

Finally, De Martino commented on the issue of TV rights.

We are moving towards a radical change with the assignment of the main package to DAZN for the next three years, with whom we have been collaborating for some time. We have to keep up with the times.

The coverage and distribution of the Italian league is fundamental, and we can reassure the fans that there will be no problems.

There will also be radical changes to our offer. In the coming weeks I will be able to be more precise, but we will be even more present.

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