The verdict on Lazio’s appeal for a 3-0 default win against Torino has been postponed by the Court of Appeal earlier today.

According to a report from Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) today, the Court of Appeal’s decision was expected this afternoon but it has been postponed for a few more days.

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Lega Serie A allowed Torino’s match against the Biancocelesti to be postponed after they suffered an outbreak of Covid-19 in the squad, but the Roman club have appealed the decision, due to the fact that the Granata had their prior game against Sassuolo postponed as well.

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Torino lawyer Eduardo Chiacchio commented on the case, saying:

We reiterated that we have clearly proven Torino’s reasons with the confirmation of the sports judge’s ruling.

It is undeniable the cause of force majeure for which Torino could not reach the Stadio Olimpico for the match on March 2nd.

Lazio, on the other hand, reiterated the reasons why the match should have gone ahead regardless and so have asked for the 3-0 forfeit win.