Former Italian manager Nedo Sonetti believes that Lazio is in dire need of consistent play if it aspires to reach the top-four in the Serie A standings.

After a promising winning streak earlier this year, Lazio’s recent sluggish form has dropped the side back to a seventh-place standing in the Serie A table. The Biancocelesti has not picked up a winning streak in all competitions since it took home a pair of league wins against Atalanta and Cagliari earlier this year.

Sonetti (via Cittaceleste) notes that Lazio’s inconsistent play as of late is holding back the side.

As players, they can reach the top four, but they have too many ups and downs. When they play behind the lines, they’re among the strongest in the league, but afterwards, they play games in which there are performance problems. There is no consistency of results.

Lazio will return to league play with a key match against Spezia.