“We Deserved a Point” – Vincenzo Italiano on Spezia’s 2-1 Loss to Lazio

Lazio came away with a 2-1 victory over Spezia Calcio at the Stadio Olimpico. Still, the Biancocelesti’s second goal came from a Video Assistant Referee’s decision to award the Rome-based club a penalty kick opportunity due to a handball call.  

During his interview with DAZN (via Lazio News), Spezia manager Vincenzo Italiano shared his frustration with the result. The 43-year-old would go on to state that his side deserved a draw. 

I’m very angry; at this point in the championship, the draw would have been pure gold and deserved. We lost due to a poor mistake, and I’m sorry. We did what we had to, creating chances and playing well. Today, we deserved a point.

Italiano then touched the handball call during his interview, and it seems as though he wanted to hold back his true feelings on the referee’s decision to award it late in the fixture. 

On Acerbi, I didn’t know if he had touched the ball with one hand resting on the ground or with the other. The regulation is clear. As for Marchizza’s handball, I will come and talk when it is not granted; today, it was. We could have done better; the responsibility is ours and not the referee. 

Finally, the Spezia manager discussed his squad breaking down in the second half. During the first half, they were able to keep Lazio at bay and not concede any goals. However, in the second, Italiano’s side gave up two goals, so DAZN wanted to know what went wrong. 

At the end of the first half when it was 0-0, I gathered the team. I said that we always concede goals in the second half, and, therefore, we need to be careful. We got a bit soft but then we recovered and put things right. These things need to be worked on, but it is not easy to fix them right away because it can be a physical or mental decline. There are many aspects to evaluate, but it is indeed influencing us, and we hope to improve it. 

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