Former Italian referee Graziano Cesari analyzed some of the more controversial calls from the recent Serie A fixture between Lazio and Spezia.

In this recent league encounter between Lazio and Spezia, head match official Antonio Giua had plenty to do over the course of the match. From VAR checks to issuing eight cards, Giua was often at the center of attention during the match as he made multiple calls against both teams.

There were two penalty calls in the match with only one of them being granted. Cesari went in-depth (via Lazio News) on both such calls.

There was a difference of judgment in two very similar episodes. In the first case, Acerbi’s hand, the referee considered that the ball hit the supporting arm, understandable not to give a penalty.

However, the second penalty for the ball hitting the top of Marchizza’s arm is not acceptable. Moreover, after having seen the VAR, why, if he judged the defender’s touch as fortuitous, did he then assign the penalty? He had all the possibilities of judgment: how can you change a decision like that?

In the end, Lazio came away with a narrow 2-1 win in the match.

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