Italian journalist Marcello Di Dio says that Lazio’s pending fixture against Torino will end up playing a key role in its Serie A top-four aspirations.

Lazio’s return fixture against Torino was suspended due to coronavirus-related reasons. So far, no date has been provided as to when the two sides will meet for their long-awaited fixture.

Di Dio claims (via Cittaceleste) that the result from this fixture could end having a notable impact on whether Lazio goes on to finish the season amongst the top four in the final Serie A standings.

Everything is still open for fourth place. Lazio still has the rematch with Torino but I don’t have too much hope because it will probably come in May when the games could already be done. So we are talking about nothing.

The match will certainly be played; the CONI will never give Lazio a reason, a smart move could be to not appeal so as to play it as soon as possible. Because it’s one thing to play it right away with everything still open, it’s another thing to do it when in May the points could already condemn someone for their respective goals.

Lotito can make a wise move by not appealing and putting the match on the calendar as soon as possible, as early as April.

Lazio currently remains at sixth place in the league standings.