Lazio Coach Inzaghi’s Wife Gaia: “We’ve Been Careful For a Year, COVID Is Sneaky”

By Apollo Heyes -

Gaia Lucariello, wife of Lazio coach Simone Inzaghi, highlighted the precautions taken by the family after the 45-year-old Italian coach and his family tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday.

Speaking in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Messaggero (via earlier today, Lucariello first commented on the beginning of the issues.

It all started last Friday. My son Andrea, who is eight months old, started having a fever of 39 degrees and had diarrhea.

I gave him a quick first test, which came back negative, but on Saturday I felt sick too, with the same symptoms. At that point I did the test too, but it was still negative.

She then explained when she had realised that she had the virus.

For five days, since 2nd April, the baby and I have been doing rapid tests in bursts, one a day, all of them negative.

On the 7th, however, I had a relapse, at which point I did the molecular test, where I finally discovered that I was positive.

Lucariello highlighted that coach Inzaghi is asymptomatic currently.

They are all positive, but asymptomatic, both Simone and my son Lorenzo. We hope they don’t get worse.

Why didn’t the rapid test come back positive? I’ve been told that it happens a lot and that there are people who have all the symptoms of Covid but test negative. The test, especially the rapid test, does not always detect a positive result.

Finally, Lucariello spoke about the possible origin of the family’s infections.

I have absolutely no idea how I caught it. I’ve been very careful for a year now, I take a test every week and I don’t see anyone except my family.

We practically never leave the house, except to go to the park or to be outdoors. Simone himself gets tested all the time, most recently last Friday. Covid really is a sneaky virus.

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