“I Am Proud to Have Achieved This Record” – Stefan Radu Discusses Becoming the All Time Leader in Appearances for Lazio

By Eduardo Razo -

Stefan Radu is coming off a special week as the 34-year-old now holds the record for the most appearances for Lazio. 

The Biancocelesti defender conducted a lengthy interview with the Lazio Style Channel (via Lazio News). One of the first questions that Radu answered is over the appearance record for Lazio. 

I am proud to have achieved this record in appearances. I never imagined reaching Favalli’s appearances with Lazio. I remember when I arrived in Rome. I was a lonely and scared kid. I was received very well immediately, and gradually I became part of the Biancocelesti family. 

When I arrived at Lazio, Pandev and Kolarov taught me a lot. They made me join the group quickly. My natural role is at the heart of the defense. Then I was moved to left-back.

Another question that the Italian media outlet asked Radu is over the tenure of manager Simone Inzaghi. The 45-year-old has spent five years guiding Lazio, and Radu has reflected on his time under Inzaghi. 

The finals of the Inzaghi era have all been beautiful. They are games made to win. We have lost a lot, but we have won the ones that considered us underdogs. We overturned the odds, especially against Juventus. In those matches, we showed everyone that we were a great team.

Radu has spent over a decade and Rome. As a result, all of his children were born in the Italian capital. The Lazio defender discusses the special place that the city has in his heart because of what it has given him over the years. 

My children were born in Rome, and this is their home. They often cry even if we leave here for the holidays. When I come back from travel, I always stop in some shop to buy my children’s gift. Once I found everything closed and they were furious. They were small, now they have grown up.

Finally, Radu’s contract expires in June, so naturally, the topic of whether this is the end at Lazio is another question that’s brought up in the interview.

I live in the moment. I still don’t think about the future because I want to play. Physically I am fine; I always train to the maximum.

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