The contract extension for Simone Inzaghi continues to be the topic of discussion in the Italian football media circles. The 45-year-old’s contract expires in June, and so both parties have a few months before other clubs come calling for Inzaghi’s services. 

During an interview with Il Tribunale delle Romane (via Lazio News), former AS Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini became the latest to provide their thoughts regarding Inzaghi’s future with Lazio. 

Lotito is a great president. His management is excellent and he has climbed mountains to keep Lazio alive and make them a top club.

Inzaghi became great thanks to Lazio. I hope he signs a contract extension.

Sabatini has high praise for the Lazio owner, and from the tone of his comments, the former Roma chief is optimistic that the Biancocelesti can secure an extension with Inzaghi. 

Furthermore, whenever both parties discuss the ongoings of a new deal, it appears as though they’re calm. Maybe it’s a game of poker with neither side wanting to reveal too much in the media as term and salary continue to be negotiated. Still, perhaps some supporters might be feeling anxious as June is right around the corner.