Damiano Franco Discusses Takeaways from Lazio Primavera’s Triumph in the Primavera TIM Cup Semi-Finals

Lazio U19 has pulled off a surprise run to the Primavera TIM Cup final. The side advanced to the final following its narrow 3-2 semifinal win over Verona U19.

Damiano Franco earned a start in the match and played a key role in his side picking up a season-defining win over Verona U19. As Franco detailed following the match (via Lazio’s official website), this was a key win for his side in what has been an arduous campaign so far.

The unity of our team has allowed us to never give up and this was seen on the pitch. I managed to make a goal-line clearance. We will play and compete with anyone; we will face our next opponent with our heads held high.

In the Primavera TIM Cup, we confirmed ourselves, but in the league, we are struggling. It was not easy today, but if we continue to play with this team spirit, we will take away a lot of satisfaction.

Lazio U19 will be taking on Fiorentina U19 in the Primavera TIM Cup final later this season.

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