Lazio still has plenty of key Serie A fixtures remaining on its schedule, which includes a return clash against Napoli coming next week. Napoli currently stands at fifth place in the league standings and a mere four points above sixth place Lazio.

Former Italian manager Eugenio Fascetti believes that this upcoming matchup for Lazio against Napoli could prove to be a catalyst in its current pursuit of a possible Serie A top-four finish.

More so, Fascetti has a preference (via Cittaceleste) to how he would like to see Lazio challenge Napoli over in their upcoming league encounter.

The Biancocelesti believed in it, and now they must have even more courage. They also have a game in hand.

They need to watch out for the match against Napoli on Thursday evening. There are still a lot of matches and many direct clashes between the top seven clubs  in the league.

For me, football is played by attacking the opponents as fast as possible. I would like Lazio to play like this against Napoli, in one of their most important matches.

Among the teams in the top seven of the league standings, Lazio has scored the fewest goals with 46 goals over 29 matches this season.