Lazio’s new date in Federal Court regarding their Covid-19 testing case has been set for the 30th of April.

According to a report from Italian radio broadcaster Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office led by Giuseppe Chinè, has filed an appeal asking for the Biancocelesti to be given heavier sentences as a result of the inconsistent Covid-19 test result case.

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The first verdict saw Lazio fined €150,000, with president Claudio Lotito being banned for seven months and doctors Fabio Rodia and Ivo Pulcini being banned for 12 months.

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The Federal Prosecutor would now like Lazio’s fine to be increased to €200,000, with Lotito’s ban rising to 13 months, and the doctors’ bans rising to 16 months.

On the 30th of April, this legal battle will continue in court, frustrating for Lotito who is also involved in a court case surrounding the decision to postpone the Serie A clash against Torino, and not award Lazio a default 3-0 win.