Lazio Marketing Manager Marco Canigiani Discusses When Supporters Will Be Allowed Into Stadiums

The doors of the Stadio Olimpico will open for the UEFA Euro 2020 for the Italy national team; however, there’s no date set as to when the supporters will be allowed into stadiums for club football. 

After stopping play last season due to the coronavirus pandemic, supporters across Italy have yet to step foot inside a stadium to support their club. Lazio’s marketing manager Marco Canigiani discussed this with Lazio Style Radio (via Lazio News) to clarify any issues. 

Canigiani states that there are periodic meetings held to open stadiums in Serie A safely. Still, these are talks that also need to involve the health authorities, and thus far, there’s no actual protocol that will allow them to welcome back supporters. 

There are periodic meetings to understand what the working methods may be to get to the reopening of the stadiums. Still, we do not yet know when this will happen: we certainly have nothing now, not even with regard to timing. 

It is not easy to make predictions, but all the Serie A teams are united in experimenting with methodologies to find solutions. The decisions, however, will come from the government, and we can only wait.

Some technologies can warn a fan, for example, if he approaches another fan. What is certain is that all companies will have to work around the clock when it is possible. 

It’s been over a year since Lazio or any other Serie A club has played in front of their supporters. Nonetheless, the league and local health officials are working hard to develop a plan that will allow them to return during the 2021-22 season. 

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