Lazio striker Ciro Immobile was happy to break his goal drought as the Biancocelesti left the Stadio Olimpico 5-3 winners over Benevento yesterday.

First speaking in an interview with Italian broadcaster Sky Sports Italia (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), the 31-year-old Italian analysed the match.

In the first half we had 35 exceptional minutes; we should have closed the match in the first 45 minutes. We could have scored at least two more goals.

In the second half we let our guard down and that’s what happened. These are situations that help you grow.

Immobile highlighted that the goals scored yesterday were liberating for him.

Yes. I’ve scored many in this shirt and I’m proud of it. I’m satisfied with the goals but above all with the team’s victory. We’re determined to reach our goal which is right in front of us.

He touched on the first goal in yesterday’s game, which was officially given as an own goal by Fabio Depaoli.

We hope that the attacking phase is rewarded. I’ve spoken to Depaoli and he told me he’s happy if they cancel his own goal.

The Biancocelesti star spoke about the team’s strength.

We’ve done a great job over the last few months. We never give up and we won’t until mathematics condemns us. Last-minute victories don’t come by chance. We’re ready to fight until the end.

The Italian striker revealed that he did miss scoring but is not obsessed with it.

I know the team needs my goals. The penalty I gave to Correa shows that I live for goals but I don’t make them an obsession.

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Immobile then discussed the win in an interview with Italian broadcaster Lazio Style Channel.

I think we must always see the positive side of things, this second half must teach us many things, especially in a game in which we won, morale is high and there is confidence.

At the same time, we have to analyse all the mistakes we made in the second half.

Of course, that doesn’t take away from the performance, we were devastating, we’ll keep that and you have to remember that in Serie A you should never let your guard down.

Teams like Benevento, who are hungry for points and want to avoid relegation at all costs, can cause you problems.

The 31-year-old Italian revealed that he loves scoring but isn’t obsessed with it.

I showed with facts that it wasn’t a problem for me, leaving the penalty to Correa. I was aware that when I don’t score, I probably don’t help the team, that’s what worries me the most.

I wasn’t worried that I hadn’t scored in eight games, not at all. I’ve scored 151 goals in Serie A in four years, four have managed to do the same as me in the history of the Italian league.

He highlighted that he wasn’t worried about his eight-game goal drought.

How can I ever worry about not scoring! It’s impossible. For someone to tell me that I don’t score goals is really absurd. I am aware that I haven’t scored for a long time, but the team has won in the meantime.

My teammates told me that probably with my goals we could have won with more goals, this gave me confidence and trust for the rest of the season.

It’s also true that I’m playing all the time without stopping and this also reassured me. As I found a bit more fitness, as the numbers also say, I realised that I could return to goal at any moment. I always look at the good of the team.

Immobile spoke about last season’s work and the importance of his teammates.

Last year we qualified for the Champions League because the team put me in a position to score a lot of goals, playing a fantastic game, and with my goals we managed to get there.

Probably the team reflects this, but this should not erase the good things done by others, Caicedo, Tucu, Vedat give us a huge help and they also help me to do what I do best.

Why shouldn’t I do the same with them! When you’re part of a squad, sometimes you have to get rid of personal things and do what’s best for the team.

Finally, Immobile briefly touched on his father’s birthday, which occurred last week.

13th April was his birthday, he turned 60 and unfortunately, we couldn’t celebrate an important year.

We couldn’t be close and we were probably both very hurt by this, but like everyone else we have to accept this situation and we can celebrate later on.