With the news of the Super League dominating the headlines today, it’s important to clarify Lazio’s position; Club president Claudio Lotito clearly expressed his opposition to the idea back in 2019.

Speaking two years ago (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) when the idea was still being formed, Lotito highlighted his disagreements with the project.

For the Super League there is a philosophy linked only to business that does not represent the passion of the fans. We cannot deprive the fans from achieving great results, so we have to give everyone the opportunity to participate.

We must not deprive the sport of football of its true soul, the passion, the dream. On the contrary, we must enable everyone to compete for a result.

The problem with representation is that of consensus, votes count but they are not weighed up. Every club must have the same opportunities. It’s not real to say that a rich club matters more.

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Lotito later reiterated his opinion on the sidelines of a meeting of the European leagues.

The time of serfs, vassals and vavasor is over. Football is not only business, but all the components that contribute to this system must be safeguarded, not only the clubs and the fans who give up a pair of shoes to go and see their favourite team.

A control room should be set up between the clubs and the leagues to talk to UEFA, because the final decisions cannot be taken from above, but must be shared with all the players.

Although Lotito and Lazio haven’t yet commented on the current iteration of the Super League, it’s likely that their position hasn’t significantly changed compared to two years ago.

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