Lazio president Claudio Lotito highlighted the link between the Biancocelesti and the city of Rome this afternoon.

Speaking during the Natale di Roma celebration at the Circus Maximus (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), Lotito first spoke about the beauty of the eternal city.

I don’t want to take the place of the mayor, who is the host today. I am just a citizen of Rome who has an interest in emphasizing the initiatives that bring back the spirit of belonging to the capital.

The parachutists represent an eagle that is released into the sky and lands in the city of Rome. It is also the symbol acquired by Lazio, who have chosen to embrace certain values.

Rome has a history that is the envy of the whole world. It’s up to us to have the ability to pass on its values to the whole planet.

The Italian businessman then touched on the link between Lazio and the city of Rome.

Lazio has always been close to the city of Rome. Since 1900, it has always supported its values, it is no coincidence that in 1921 it was awarded the status of moral body.

This union between Rome and Lazio has always been about protecting those who represent Rome and its history. Rome has brought civilization to the whole world, the ability to organise and create empathy with people, and that union which is indispensable for achieving goals, as it is in sport.

I accepted this participation in a place like the Circus Maximus, where all the sporting activities of Rome took place, where all the citizens participated, it was an exceptional event.

Finally, Lotito gave some closing thoughts.

We have to restart from that approach, sport has to teach the educational values that are those of civil society. We have to restart in this way, even in a difficult year.

I thank the Mayor for this opportunity because she believes in these values and wants to testify to the importance of Rome in the world.

The eagle, which is our symbol, represented by the paratroopers is the same symbol as the imperial eagle of Rome. Lazio has acquired it to testify that those founding values must be propagated in the new generations.

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