Former Napoli defender Giuseppe Bruscolotti thought that Lazio had the advantage heading into tonight’s clash against Gennaro Gattuso’s side.

Speaking in an interview with Italian media outlet La Lazio Siamo Noi earlier today, the 69-year-old Italian looked ahead to this evening’s fixture.

A very important match for both sides. Lazio have a game in hand still and therefore have a small advantage, Napoli cannot make a mistake.

They are two teams that are ready to play, we will see who will be more ready.

He discussed the race for a top four finish this season.

Ending at Lazio, these are the teams that will play for the Champions League. Roma are behind, but there is a lot of competition.

Atalanta is the healthiest team, Juventus is stuttering, Lazio has a game in hand. It’s a tough fight.

Bruscolotti spoke about the stars of each team, Ciro Immobile and Lorenzo Insigne.

They are two representative elements, also in the national team. Mancini has spoken favorably of them many times.

They’re two talented players for different reasons: one is a goal scorer, the other has become a driving force for Napoli and is having a special year.

The former Napoli defender gave his thoughts on the now collapsed Super League.

I hope that the football that people have always seen and want to see will prevail. The leagues are exciting because the first team can lose to the last, the competition and the fight to win a place are very different.

It also excites the fans more, so I don’t know. When there’s so much money going around you inevitably end up with this, it’s all business. The competent bodies should have foreseen this before.

Finally, Bruscolotti spoke about the absence of coach Simone Inzaghi due to Covid-19 and the situation surrounding Gennaro Gattuso at Napoli.

Will Inzaghi’s absence be a problem? The figure of the coach is important, especially today. The coach seems to have the remote control, certain corrections come directly whereas before with the public it was more difficult.

Gattuso? I’ve always said that accounts are made at the end. He’s been through some strange times, he’s found himself with 11 players and he’s managed to come out unscathed. He’s respecting the club’s plans to fight for the Champions League.

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