Lazio’s 5-2 loss to Napoli put a dent in the Biancocelesti dreams of playing in UEFA Champions League football next season. Simone Inzaghi’s side finds themselves seven points out of the final spot that Juventus FC currently holds.

Despite losing against Napoli, Xavier Jacobelli, journalist and director of Tuttosport, spoke to TMW Radio (via Citta Celeste), discussing the race for the Champions League spots as the 2020-21 Serie A season nears its end. 

Milan is experiencing an understandable decline, considering where they started from excellent and concurrent absences have ensured that the situation is fluid. Napoli is returning to the limelight. The criticisms of Gattuso were improvised and ungenerous.

If you cannot field Osimhen and Mertens for months and other big names, it is evident that the results cannot fail to reflect that situation. For the quality of play, Napoli and Atalanta are better than Juventus, Milan, and Lazio, with the latter not out yet, not only because they have a recovery fixture with Torino but also because there is an immediate match against Milan.

Lazio has two key fixtures against AC Milan and Torino FC, and likely those results will determine whether they can find a way to climb into a top-four spot. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see what happens with Juventus and whether they’ll be banned from the Champions League. 

If Lazio can finish ahead of Napoli and in fifth place, perhaps that’s enough for the Biancocelesti should Juventus remain in the European Super League. Regardless, Lazio continues to have an outside shot of possibly clinching a Champions League spot for next season.