Ciro Immobile went in-depth on the chances of Lazio possibly finishing in the Serie A top-four following the win against AC Milan.

Lazio needed a win against AC Milan to keep its top-four hopes alive. And the Biancocelesti did just that with a dramatic 3-0 win.

Ciro Immobile sealed the deal for Lazio in the win as he scored the side’s third goal of the match.

Overall, Immobile is still confident that the Biancocelesti can make one last push for a spot in the top-four of the league standings, which he explained why after the match (via La Lazio Siamo Noi).

This was the last chance for us. We had to give a top performance, especially after the defeat in Naples.

We still have hope for the Champions League; we won’t give up. We have to win our remaining matches and hope for a few missteps by the others. We want to enjoy ourselves until the end.

I’m happy for the goal and also for the assist to Tucu. The team missed my goals and I missed scoring for my teammates and for our fans.

Lazio will now push ahead to an upcoming home league clash against Genoa.