Former Lazio defender Ernesto Calisti was impressed with the Biancocelesti’s 3-0 win over AC Milan on Monday.

Speaking in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today, the 56-year-old Italian commented on Monday’s win.

It was a good game against AC Milan, the one we expected. Lazio showed that they are a strong team and that they are in good shape.

Luckily, we put in a great performance and I’d like to give special praise to Leiva and Lulic.

He commented on the importance of coach Simone Inzaghi’s return after his battle with Covid-19.

Inzaghi’s return has been important for the team, he’s very vocal and gives the players the pressure they need at certain times of the game.

Finally, Calisti highlighted the best Biancocelesti players in the game.

Above all Correa, who played an extraordinary game, Leiva and Lazzari.

The Roman club’s next game is against Genoa on Sunday.

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