Lazio have six fixtures left on their schedule, and they’ll likely need to win out as they look to secure UEFA Champions League football. The Biancocelesti sit five points away from fourth place with a game they need to make up against Torino FC. 

Should Simone Inzaghi’s side win the remaining fixtures on their schedule, they’ll still need some help. The Rome-based club will need to be watching the scoreboard’s hoping one club in front of them drops points. 

Despite all the things that need to go right for Lazio to clinch a spot in the UEFA Champions League next season, former Biancocelesti manager Delio Rossi spoke to (via Lazio News) about their chances of finishing in Serie A’s top four. 

We have to consider one thing; these last two seasons are quite abnormal, in my opinion. Covid sometimes makes it so that a player can miss a decisive match for his team. There are no fans who sometimes can change an outcome, as they can give you a team an extra boost. Therefore, everything is quite unpredictable; five games from the end of the championship, everything is hanging in the balance.

In my opinion, Lazio – who beat Milan on Monday – could secure fourth place, but it is also true that the Biancocelesti, against Napoli, have conceded 5 goals. Therefore, Napoli could also make it instead.

Lazio has a favorable schedule as every opponent is below eighth place and below. Genoa CFC is their latest fixture, and with the club battling relegation, it’s a game that Lazio should win.