Lawyer Mignogna: “A Third Scudetto for Lazio Would Change Division of TV Rights”

Italian lawyer Gian Luca Mignogna provided the latest updates of his efforts to see Lazio awarded the 1915 Scudetto.

Speaking on the programme ‘Lazio Nel Cuore’ (via, Mignogna first spoke about the 1915 Scudetto.

In light of the documents produced and the latest requests forwarded via e-mail to president Gravina, there is no more room to postpone a decision already endorsed by the Commission of Wise Men under the Tavecchio presidency, which expressed a favourable opinion on the assignment of the 1915 Scudetto ex aequo to remedy a clear error both legal, since the FIGC resolution on the assignment of Genoa is missing, and historical, since Lazio was the only one legitimately entitled to play the final of the Italian championship, having won the central-southern round, unlike Genoa which was still missing a match in the northern round.

I underline that on the issue of justice and meritocracy, the credibility of Italian football is at stake and in perspective the very resilience of the system, which in the eyes of young people is becoming less and less attractive. The only obstacles to the ex aequo assignment are now of a political nature, with possible economic repercussions, seeing that the third Scudetto for Lazio would change part of the division of television rights.

Mignogna then commented on whether Lazio will play Torino in their postponed match, or if the Biancocelesti will be awarded a 3-0 default win.

There are chances that on May 13, the Collegio di Garanzia at the CONI could award a 3-0 forfeit to Lazio for two reasons.

The first is that the ruling of the Federal Court of Appeal, the second level of judgement, has already substantially certified the disloyalty of Torino, having written of cunning behaviour and contrary to the values of sport, thanks to which the team made an undue profit from the postponement of the match.

The second reason is that legally there is a law of 1865, still in force, which establishes the possibility of disapplying an illegitimate administrative measure, such as that of the Local Health Authority of Turin, which moved the quarantine of the Torino team by one more day.

The Italian lawyer touched on President Claudio Lotito’s 12-month ban as a result of the inconsistent Covid-19 testing trial.

Then there is the question of the Covid-19 testing ruling that decreed Lotito’s 12-month ban. I’d recommend to wait for the motivations, read them carefully and then, if necessary, appeal to the third level of judgement. Then, if Lazio wants, in case of confirmation of the sanction, it will also have the possibility to apply to the TAR (Regional Administrative Tribunal) and the ordinary administrative justice body could annul everything. Therefore, the case if far from being solved.

Finally, Mignogna spoke about the race for a top-four finish.

If Juventus wins the direct match against Milan, Lazio’s chances will decrease. It is understood that it is compulsory for the Biancocelesti to win all of their remaining matches and to see if at least two teams above them will drop points.

However, if Lazio do not finish in the top four, we cannot talk about a negative season, as the Champions League Round of 16 and a possible qualification for the Europa League would testify that Lazio is always at excellent levels.

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