“We Had Our Chances” – Francesco Acerbi Discusses Lazio’s 2-0 Loss to Fiorentina

Lazio’s UEFA Champions League hopes might have come to an end in Florence after Simone Inzaghi’s side fell 2-0 to ACF Fiorentina. The Biancocelesti had a puncher’s chance to secure a spot in Serie A’s top-four, considering the game they had in hand. 

Despite Fiorentina allowing Lazio to control the ball for 90 minutes, La Viola made the most of their limited scoring chances. Dušan Vlahović took over the fixture with his two goals that would provide them with the victory.

After the match, Francesco Acerbi spoke to the Lazio Style Channel (via La Lazio Siamo Noi), where he discussed the loss and the performance by the 21-year-old Vlahović and what this loss means to their Champions League hopes.  

We had a very good first half. They gave us space and we had our chances, but in the second half, we got nervous. We didn’t have clarity, and we didn’t reverse the situation… This match had to be won. 

Vlahovic? Physically, he’s strong; it’s his year, he can become an excellent player. There are stronger strikers than him; in a few years, he can play with a big club but he needs continuity. He is doing great things, and is a strong young man, but it will all depend on him. 

Champions League? We must win all of our remaining matches and hope that the others drop points. It gets so complicated, but nothing is lost. The chances are less; if we take another misstep, it’s over.

We didn’t play good. We were not very lucid and conceded many fouls. They were on the ground a lot, and the referee, Maresca, had to have more personality. Not only for the fouls but also for the protests after every call.

Now it seems as though any aspirations of reaching Europe’s top competition lie on securing the 12 points left on their schedule and hoping that two clubs ahead drop points. Regardless it will take a hail mary for Lazio to see the Champions League next season. 

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