Italian Journalist Barchiesi Analyzes Lazio’s Serie A Top-Four Chances Following the Loss to Fiorentina

Lazio’s Serie A top-four aspirations took a blow during the recent matchday as the side came away with a 2-0 loss to Fiorentina. Lazio simply could not break through for a goal in the match as the side instead watched Fiorentina take advantage to score a pair of crucial goals.

Italian journalist Massimo Barchiesi sees that this loss for Lazio may have just put an end to its top-four aspirations, which he detailed why during his recent talk with Cittaceleste TV.

The ugliest thing is that there was never the perception that Lazio could make themselves dangerous after the purple advantage. As far as I’m concerned, the Champions League is over for Lazio. They have the derby and Sassuolo; they are not easy matches.

Florence was an important wild card. It had to be exploited, instead, I didn’t like the attitude with which the defeat came.

Lazio is not completely out of the picture in the top four of the standings, but the side has a long way to go in order to make one last push for this feat.

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