Lazio Women Defender Santoro: “I’ve Been Waiting for This Moment Since 2009”

Lazio Women defender Martina Santoro was overjoyed at the Biancocelesti’s promotion to Serie A.

Speaking in an interview with Italian radio broadcaster Lazio Style Radio (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today, the 26-year-old Italian commented on yesterday’s 2-1 win over Roma and the resulting promotion.

I am very happy, I have always been available, to win you need a great environment and I think this was the secret in addition to the enormous work that has been done by the staff. The coach arrived with her staff and they gave us their winning mentality.

They made us understand from the beginning that it was not impossible and we believed in it day after day. I’ve been waiting for this moment since May 2009, a derby and going to Serie A, for me as a Lazio fan there’s nothing better to ask for.

The game wasn’t our best performance but the derby is always a special game where your heart and motivation count.

She commented on the support of Biancocelesti president Claudio Lotito.

The president was overjoyed yesterday, since we started in 2015 one of the things I’ve always appreciated about him is that he wanted to build victory slowly. It has been a difficult and long path, there have been years of struggle but in the end, work always pays off, Lotito has always believed in it.

The president is one of the few people who aspire to great goals without looking for ways other than work.

Especially when we were at Formello he was always there whenever he had the chance, and even more so was his son Enrico, who is particularly fond of us and always follows us. He breathed our environment and integrated perfectly.

Finally, Santoro discussed the turning point of the season and the remaining games of the campaign.

The turning point was Pomigliano, there we realised that the way the match was prepared was unprejudiced and how much we could give.

Now we’ll enjoy this day of rest and then we’ll start thinking about Vicenza because we want to end this season in the best possible way.

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