“Seeing People Who Rejoice Makes Me Happy” – Lazio’s Claudio Lotito Comments on Salernitana’s Promotion to Serie A

U.S. Salernitana 1919 has earned promotion into Serie A for the 2021-22 season. With the Salerno-based club coming up to Italy’s top league, it presents a problem for Lazio owner Claudio Lotito. 

Lotito is also the owner of Salernitana and needs to sell the club as it is prohibited to own more than a club in Serie A. 

Despite having to decide in 30 days, Lotito spoke about the investments he’s made during a press conference where La Lazio Siamo Noi relayed his comments over the club’s promotion.

The Lazio owner stated that he’d put a lot of money into the dream of seeing Salernitana reach Serie A. Adding that no one in the area could have invested that amount of money in securing promotion to Italy’s top-flight league. 

The future is in the hands of our Lord. I am used to responding with facts. Up to now, we have proved it.

In these past ten years, I have invested over 80 million; I don’t know how many people from Salerno would have been willing to do so without even receiving a thank you.

Today, seeing people who rejoice makes me happy. The city of Salerno must be proud to have a team in the top flight, and if Salerno knows how to use this starting point, it could have a different future. The conditions exist to ensure that time brings further results and further joy to a city that deserves it.

It is a city that moves me. I have received phone calls from all over the world to express satisfaction for the club’s promotion. I hope that Salerno has understood how much effort has been made on our part to achieve these results. This year I said, ‘we will bring Salernitana to Serie A,’ and this story ends on a positive note.

I also wanted to send a message to those who thought that I was here solely for interest. I am here with my heart. And it is no coincidence that I brought my wife and my son, who were impressed by the affection of the people.

Lotito enjoyed what this achievement meant to the supporters and city, so he brought his family to witness the celebrations before making a tough decision overselling the club. 

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