Lazio did what it could to pull off another narrow Serie A win but came up short in the end as it finished with a 0-0 draw against Torino. Lazio dominated in terms of possession and shot attempts but simply could not score the pivotal goal of the match.

Although Lazio finished with a draw against a Torino side that battled relegation throughout the season, Simone Inzaghi comes away from the fixture pleased with the performance from his side.

Inzaghi spoke after the match (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) on his takeaways from the team’s draw performance against Torino, a side that secured its spot for Serie A next season.

This is football. I thanked the players one by one because we played a great game. I can’t say anything to the boys because we put everything into it. Torino played the match it had to play; it was a beautiful game and this was also a nice fixture for football.

Lazio still has an opportunity to finish the campaign with yet another 70+ points season but would need to pick up a key away league win in its season finale against Sassuolo. Overall, the Biancocelesti will complete the campaign sixth in the final league standings.