Lazio’s Ciro Immobile Rips Torino President Cairo on Social Media Following an Alleged Post-Match Spat

Lazio forward Ciro Immobile lashed out at Torino president Urbano Cairo following an apparent post-match confrontation between the two.

Lazio finished off its final home match of the season with a 0-0 draw result against Torino. Immobile earned a start in the match and had a lowlight as he missed a late penalty attempt.

As noted by Immobile via his official Instagram page, Cairo approached the forward after the match to accuse him of playing the fixture against Torino in November while positive for the coronavirus.

Everyone knows who Ciro Immobile is. Inside the field, and especially outside. I can accept criticism of the player, not serious defamatory offenses to the man I am. Especially if the latter come from leaders of the soccer world.

At the end of the match this evening, the President of Torino, Urbano Cairo, reached me at the entrance of the locker room of Lazio and started to offend me; to verbally hurl himself at me making serious defamatory accusations, accusing me of having played the match with “blood in my eyes”, and other things regarding the first match of this championship played against Torino, even going so far as to tell me that I played that match while positive for COVID.

I will never stop thanking President Cairo for giving me the opportunity to consecrate myself as a player in Torino, but I cannot gloss over an episode that goes beyond the dimension of football. Everyone knows who Ciro Immobile is; a footballer, yes, but above all a man who respects the rules and the principles of loyalty. I cannot tolerate insults and slander that defame, without any valid reason, my person.

Immobile tested positive for the coronavirus in November and went on to miss multiple matches as a result. The Italian forward did feature in the match against Torino a week before his first positive test, where he stunned the Turin-based side with a late, game-tying penalty goal.

Lazio were recently fined for a breach of coronavirus protocols, although there is no merit to Cairo’s allegation that Immobile played against Torino while positive for the virus.

Lazio will finish off its Serie A campaign next week with a key away fixture against Sassuolo.

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