Simone Inzaghi Reveals How Lazio Will Approach the Serie A Season Finale Against Sassuolo

Lazio now has come to the end of its season with the side now having a mere one match remaining on its Serie A schedule, which will come in the upcoming away encounter with Sassuolo. Lazio have nothing to play for as it will finish the campaign in sixth place in the final Serie A standings, which will see the side compete in next season’s Europa League competition.

Nonetheless, Lazio manager Simone Inzaghi is well aiming to finish off the season on a high note. The Italian manager spoke after the Biancocelesti’s draw result against Torino (via the club’s official website) on the mentality that his side will have in the matchup with Sassuolo.

We want to close the championship in the best possible way.

In these last few matches, the results did not come in our favor. However, we will finish the season with a new record of consecutive home victories in Serie A and our fifth consecutive year heading to European competition.

We’ll continue ahead with our heads held high, proud of what we have done.

Lazio’s aspirations of finishing the campaign among the top-four teams in the league table fell short this season. Still, there is plenty to look forward to next season, especially as it may be among the early favorites to win next season’s Europa League competition.

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