“We as a Club Have to Find the Legal Solution” – Lazio’s Claudio Lotito Comments on Having to Give Up Salernitana Ownership

U.S. Salernitana 1919 is one of the clubs earning promotion into Serie A for 2021-22, and Lazio owner Claudio Lotito serves as one of its chairman’s. However, with the club ready to play next season in Italy’s top league, it presents a problem for Lotito. 

The rules state that an owner can’t own two clubs in Serie A. As a result, Lotito will need to sell his portion of the club before the start of next season. Knowing that he will need to give up his ownership of Salernitana, Lotito made a statement that Lazio News relayed regarding the process that lies ahead.

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Lotito acknowledges the rule that he must respect owning two clubs in Serie A. However, he didn’t reveal much about finding someone who will take over the club that will continue the process that Lotito has laid to have Salernitana remain in Italy’s top flight for numerous seasons to come. 

Today we are faced with a problem, unfortunately, which is a regulatory problem, that we must try to find a solution that reconciles the needs of the city with the needs and compliance with the rules. We will do everything to ensure that Salernitana continues on this journey, on this path of solidity, sporting strength, and, above all, organization. 

It is certainly our task not to waste this heritage and, above all, what we have done. Indeed, we want to preserve and pass it on over time. We want Salernitana to continue on this path because today, it is one of the 20 football clubs that matters. I say this because I am also a representative of the club, and I know the importance of belonging to Serie A.

It is of economic significance, but the message that one sends through what it represents to the whole world is also crucial because the Serie A championship is a championship seen worldwide. Therefore, it brings the city of Salerno to the fore. Being in the top flight is a fundamental media and marketing vehicle. 

When the team achieves results, it means that the city is proactive in building and winning the daily challenges that an administration like the team must carry out on a daily basis to achieve specific objectives and satisfy the interests of the community as much as possible. 

Today one prevailing interest has been satisfied: the passion that this city has for football. The first thing that excited me in this task we took on was the enthusiasm this city has towards football. We need to create a useful synergy to reach new goals. Unfortunately, at this moment, we as a club have to find the legal solution that respects the rules that will allow the team and the club to continue along this path and always represent the city of Salerno in the football that counts.

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