Former Italian defender Ernesto Calisti hit out at Lazio sporting director Igli Tare over the club’s recent poor transfer signings.

Lazio has had some hits and misses with its signings over the years. The Biancocelesti was able to sign hidden gems such as Brazilian defender Luiz Felipe. However, the club has also brought in some players that would eventually turn out to be busts.

Former Lazio talent Calisti believes that with the club’s sluggish campaign over the now completed Serie A season, the blame should not only go to manager Simone Inzaghi but also to Tare, which he detailed why during his talk with the Italian-based outlet Radiosei (via La Lazio Siamo Noi).

I think it’s right to question the signings from the market. In recent years, Tare has operated very badly and there have been no players of the highest level. We have to question him as well and not only Inzaghi.

Lazio will surely have plenty of expectations heading into the upcoming summer transfer window.