Photo: “You Made Me Feel Important” – Lazio’s Francesco Acerbi Shares Goodbye to Simone Inzaghi

The Simone Inzaghi era has come to an end at Lazio, and as reality sets in, players are beginning to say their goodbyes publicly. Francesco Acerbi is the latest player to provide his thoughts on the departure of the Italian tactician, who will be taking over at Inter Milan. 

Acerbi went on Instagram, where the 33-year-old defender stated what these last four years have meant for him with Inzaghi as his manager. Expect more heartfelt messages to Inzaghi from Lazio players once the announcement becomes official.

Thank you, MISTER, for these three years spent together, you wanted me strongly, and you made me feel important by always giving me confidence. This helped me grow professionally; I can say that you have been fundamental. I have always tried to give my best to reciprocate. I wish you the best, and I also wish you a career full of joys and satisfactions. See you on the field fighting as we are used to.

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