“There Are Still 20 Days Left” – Claudio Lotito’s Lawyer Provides the Latest On the Ongoing Sale of Salernitana

Lazio owner and president Claudio Lotito has a lot on his plate at the moment as the Italian club chief is in the middle of finding the Rome-based club a manager. 

Lotito appears to be in advance negotiations with Maurizio Sarri, and then there’s the summer transfer window as Lazio tries to improve their squad for the 2021-22 season. However, lost in the middle of this is Lotito’s sale of his stake in recently promoted U.S. Salernitana 1919. 

In a recent interview with Corriere dello Sport (via Lazio News 24), Lotito’s lawyer, Gian Michele Gentile, spoke about the latest regarding the sale of the Italian club, which is one of the first questions that Gentile answered. 

By June 25th, everything will be fine. President Gravina could have spared his statements on the sale of Salernitana; no one wants strange interpretations of the NOIF. It would be better not to launch these suspicions to calm the environment…

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Lotito’s lawyer then answered whether are any other offers for Lotito’s stake in ownership. Gentile stated that they’d be listening to bids for the rest of the month and decide on the 25th. If anyone wants to make an offer, then they have about 20 days to so as they’re open to listening. 

There are still 20 days left; we are waiting for June 25th. By that date, I repeat, everything will be fine.

But is there anyone who believes that Lotito will not sell the company after creating and raising it? What should he do, take it home and put it on his bedside table? Salernitana would disappear; they would not even be able to play in Serie B. How can you think of such a thing?

Before their promotion to Serie A, however, no offers were ever received.

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