As the 2020/21 campaign has now come to a conclusion, it is clear that most people’s attention is on UEFA Euro 2020. However, the summer transfer market remains very active with reports and rumours in abundance.

Even online betting enthusiasts, who only use secure portals such as, are perfectly aware that the business completed by teams can change their outcomes on the field and also on paper, precisely due to the fact that new players can change the overall balance of the championship.

While Lazio fans are very interested in knowing the future of their current players and seeing who the club will sign this summer, first of all, they need to finalize a deal with a manager.

The Future of Lazio’s Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic / S.S. Lazio

After taking a year off following his experience with Chelsea and Juventus, Maurizio Sarri should be announced as the manager of Lazio very soon unless something unexpected happens.

It is clear, however, that the main cause of concern among the fans is represented more than anything else by the theme of departures; among the players who could leave Lazio after several years at the club is 26-year-old talent Sergej Milinkovic-Savic.

As the Serbian midfielder is one of the prized jewels of Serie A, he will once again be at the center of attention this summer transfer window. Currently, the links to Juventus are appearing more and more; the Bianconeri could even make an offer to Lazio President Claudio Lotito this summer, who is said to be a little less resistant to selling the player than 2-3 years ago.

Although signing Milinkovic-Savic this summer seems like a logical move to properly reinforce Juventus’ midfield and overall team, this deal would still be extremely difficult for the Bianconeri considering the hefty investment that they would have to make; especially considering the salaries that players such as Cristiano Ronaldo make.

How Could Juventus Strike a Deal With Lazio for the Serbian Midfielder?

As it stands, an offer of around €50 million may be as high as Juventus are capable of spending to acquire Milinkovic-Savic. Would this be a high enough offer? For Lotito and Laziali, definitely not, and this explains the reason why Juventus could propose some counterparts that would interest the club and, above all, incoming manager Maurizio Sarri.

Obviously, a counterpart for Lazio can not be any player who is currently a part of Juventus. The reason is quite easy to understand: no player who is currently a part of the Old Lady’s roster has a salary in line with the parameters of the Biancocelesti. It is difficult to think that Aaron Ramsey or Federico Bernardeschi would accept a substantial reduction in their respective salaries, even if Lazio would be able to spread it out over a very long contract. Furthermore, the destination may not be as attractive, especially due to the fact that the club will not play in the UEFA Champions League next season.

As a result, Juventus would have to think of some young talent that they could offer to convince Lazio; one of which being Hamed Junior Traorè.

Currently owned and playing with Sassuolo, when he was brought to the Neroverdi in synergy with Juventus. This means that no matter who expresses interest in him in the future, the Bianconeri would have priority over any other club. If they enforce this clause, this could be a player, along with a cash sum, that could possibly convince Lotito into selling Milinkovic-Savic.

Traorè undoubtedly has a much more affordable salary for Lazio. In addition, this would be a step up for the youngster who is looking to make a name for himself.

Since Paul Pogba’s departure to Manchester United, Juventus have struggled to replace the France international. If they were to sign Milinkovic-Savic, this would certainly allow the team to reach the top again; especially under the return of Massimiliano Allegri.