Lazio President Lotito Opens Up About the Possibility of a Move to Stadio Flaminio

The Stadio Olimpico has long been the home of both Lazio and AS Roma. However, there is a possibility that Lazio would be open to a move away from Italy’s historic stadium.

During a ceremony commemorating the Lazio Women’s team promotion to Serie A, Lazio president Claudio Lotito touched upon whether a move to Stadio Flaminio in Rome could be on the horizon soon.

Lotito (via Radiosei) did not end such speculation by declaring that a move away from the Stadio Olimpico in the near future would not be possible. Instead, the Lazio president put some consideration into what steps may need to be dealt with before Biancocelesti officials would even open the door to a possible Stadio Flaminio move.

The city of Rome and Lazio deserve to have a stadium. The Stadio Flaminio? First of all, we need to reach an agreement. It’s in the city’s interest if certain results are obtained…

I asked myself, can that structure be covered? Then, are there parking spaces? In short, there are three or four issues that need to be evaluated and then we’ll see. It is currently not a UEFA-compliant stadium. Anyway, we’ll sit down with the Mayor of Rome [Virginia Raggi] to talk about all the issues and we’ll see what happens.

I was thinking about this some time ago and since the mayor, Raggi, is a very open person, we saw that the city needs help and we are available to do so.

I think that the City of Rome needs a stadium for Lazio: we have not yet stepped forward, as Roma has done, but we are now available. It must be a stadium that everyone can experience, a meeting point and a source of pride for all Lazio fans.

Lazio and Roma have shared the Stadio Olimpico since 1953. It has been home to plenty of historic moments for the Biancocelesti, such as multiple statement wins over its long-time Serie A rivals.

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