Lazio Announces Maurizio Sarri’s Technical Staff for the 2021/2022 Season

Lazio officially revealed the full technical staff that will accompany new manager Maurizio Sarri for the upcoming 2021/2022 season, as noted by the club’s official website.

Lazio provided six names that will join Sarri in his new run as manager of the Biancocelesti.

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Giovanni Martusciello will take on the role of Sarri’s assistant coach. Martusciello held this same role during Sarri’s lone season at Juventus and also worked with the new Lazio manager for multiple seasons while at Empoli.

Davide Ranzato and Davide Losi will be Lazio’s new athletic trainers. They each also tagged along with Sarri at Napoli, Chelsea and Juventus.

Gianni Picchioni and Marco Ianni have been named as Lazio’s new technical collaborators. The two took on this same position during Sarri’s time at Chelsea and Juventus.

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Finally, Massimo Nenci will become Lazio’s new goalkeeping coach. As with the other five names, Nenci has previous experience in working with Sarri, which includes stints with him at Napoli, Chelsea and Juventus.

Sarri and his team will surely now look ahead to the upcoming summer transfer window.

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