Lazio’s De Martino: “Since January We Have Been Working on a Series of Changes”

Lazio’s Director of Communications Stefano De Martino spoke about the team’s efforts to improve their social media outreach and the upcoming changes for next season.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Lazio Style Channel earlier today, De Martino first touched on the changes that will be implemented in the Biancocelesti environment this summer.

Since January we have been working on a series of changes for next season. These are important improvements and innovations that need time because they will also revolutionize contact with the fans, the way they interact.

We’ve been working for some time now to get up and running from the start of next season’s training camp. There will be important news in terms of content, the radio on TV will be joined by the Lazio people on TV, which will allow people to participate in video and in presence.

He moved onto discussing the Biancocelesti’s work with social media and how they are looking to continue growing.

As far as social media is concerned, the department that works on that is now almost a decade old. You can see this team working on all the content we publish, such as the video for Sarri made yesterday.

They are ideas that come from the intuitions of those who work, so they deserve compliments for their proposals. Some time ago, an article in Sole 24 Ore did a digital ranking, with the numbers of engagements on platforms such as the website and social media.

These 2020 numbers see Lazio in 5th place in the ranking of engagements on official profiles, from the site to the app. The data that stands out compared to other teams, see that Lazio had an +437% on the number of engagements compared to the previous year.

There has been no magic wand but a path made with constancy, always remembering that at the level of expenditure we are always ten to one compared to other teams.

The Lazio communications director spoke about yesterday’s announcement video for Maurizio Sarri, the success of that on social media and how many people genuinely follow the club.

The numbers in Sarri’s new coach’s video come from the past because when you have an increased range of these numbers it means that you have embarked on a positive path.

I stress again that our numbers on social media are real, they are real, they are people who exist, they don’t come from a fictitious server running around the world.

The number of subscribers you read, participate in the real life of the club. Today we are fifth with real data of people, who we contact and from whom we find interactions. Elsewhere, different choices are made that we don’t make.

When I hear talk of a war of numbers, I have to smile. This +437% on the site is an incredible figure, a sign of a journey that began years ago, all together. And this results in the numbers seen yesterday after Sarri’s arrival.

De Martino commented on the type of content that the club want to produce and how that can match the fans’ expectations.

We can’t shout out a news story three days in advance to get more ratings, we’re not after that kind of system, we’re not a commercial reality but an official organ that has to tell the real story.

But we also want to excite, and the above are the work done on the website and social media, but there will soon be many other important innovations.

Today, however, we were interested in understanding what the real numbers are, those of yesterday, as mentioned, have exploited the great work done in recent years.

So, all this comes with the backing of real numbers and existing people. Each division, follows the growth of the whole club, it’s like a train with all the carriages together.

Like when Immobile won the Golden Shoe, with his photo that went around the world. We then try to make the fans feel inside Formello, giving an important product to those who deserve it.

Finally, De Martino thanked the fans for their positive engagement and support following the announcement of Sarri yesterday, and highlighted that there would be updates regarding the website and the app in the coming weeks.

In conclusion, apart from future news, what I wanted to do today was to thank those who actively participate in the life of the club, who often give us important ideas that we try to bring to life.

There are behaviours to be censured, such as those who spread fake news or graphics. In the coming weeks there will also be important news regarding the website and the app.

When we talk about facts and reality, we are moving towards constant improvement, just as the club wants. Those who want to follow us know that they will always find transparency with us. Obviously, we hope to see our fans back at the stadium as soon as possible.

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