An Exhibit Displaying Lazio’s Contributions to the Azzurri Will Open Next Week

An exhibit will open up in Latina next week dedicated to Lazio’s contributions to the Italian national team.

As reported by Italian media outlet earlier today, the exhibit was set up by Agostino Lattuille, who wants the contributions of the Biancocelesti to the Azzurri throughout history to be well documented and shown to the public.

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It will open next week on the 16th of June in Latina, the second biggest city in the Lazio region and former Biancocelesti midfielder Vincenzo D’Amico will be in attendance, as will other former players and many more from the Lazio world, all of whom will be announced at a later date.

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Admission to the exhibit will be free and attendees will also be able to book seats to watch this summer’s European Championship in specially prepared areas.

The history of the Azzurri is well covered and appreciated by many, but it is rare that much attention is paid to Lazio’s contributions to the team, with more focus placed on the better-supported clubs like Juventus, AC Milan and Inter.

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