Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani has said that he offered to purchase Salernitana but did not receive a response from Lazio president Claudio Lotito.

Lotito must sell the newly promoted side today as he is not allowed to own two professional clubs in the same division.

Radrizzani discussed his offer to purchase Salernitana from Lotito in an interview with Italian newspaper La Città (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today, saying:

We made our offer, defined in every detail, on Wednesday. Stressing that it has a validity of ten days. There were meetings on Thursday morning and later between the consultants representing Salernitana and consultants representing us.

But no response was received. Lotito, whom I personally know and respect, will certainly be caught up in the need to decide in these hours and we understand that it is not easy.

But it is only fair that Salerno and the Salernitana fans know that we have made an offer that we believe to be fair.

He touched on how Salernitana was not the most valuable club, but that a fair offer was still made.

The club does not have any assets and the players have a certain value, which is not high, on the market even though, and it is fair to say it, they have deservedly won promotion to Serie A.

Suffice it to say that the same company has informed us that the total amount of players’ salaries, for those who have a contract in place, does not exceed €8 million.

A low figure that guarantees the strengths of the management of Lotito.

Sandro Mencucci, a board member of Leeds United Football and executive of Aser Group, which is negotiating the purchase of the club, also discussed the situation in an interview with Le Cronache di Salerno (via Calcio e Finanza).

Our offer is serious, articulate. Certainly far removed from Lotito’s financial request. We’ve explained that in addition to the investment for the purchase, we need to rebuild the team to participate in Serie A.

We don’t want to do just one year and then go down but we want to give Salernitana stability in the top flight. We know that a significant economic investment is needed.

He confirmed that president Claudio Lotito has not declined the offer yet.

No, he has not yet replied to us and we are confidently waiting for a positive call today. We trust Lotito, we know that the accounts are in order and we haven’t even done an audit.

We also know that the trust has not yet been signed.

The Italian businessman highlighted that the offer was still valid even if Lotito decided to pursue the idea of giving up control of the club to a trust.

Lotito could still opt for the trust.

Would we still be willing to negotiate? Of course, but very quickly. Our offer is valid for 10 days, within that time the person in charge of the trust will have to give us an answer, not in six months.

I repeat, there is a team to be rebuilt and there is not much time.

Finally, Mencucci confirmed that his party were ready to proceed at any time, fully prepared to carry out a deal.

If they call us, we are ready, it is enough to sign our offer.

As far as the fulfilments are concerned, even with a tight deadline, lawyer Natale is able to present the registration of Salernitana with the new ownership.

It does not depend on us, we have done everything possible, we know that Salerno and its fans deserve great satisfaction. Lotito has done well to bring Salernitana back to the top flight.

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