Lazio’s Francesco Acerbi Details What Will Be Key to Containing Inter Milan’s Lukaku in the Upcoming Euro 2020 Fixture Between Italy and Belgium

The Italian national team is set for another test in the Euro 2020 tournament as it will be taking on Belgium in the quarter-final round.

Lazio center-back Francesco Acerbi earned a key start for Italy in its recent Round 0f 16 win against Austria and now may be tasked to feature in this upcoming duel against Belgium.

If Acerbi starts for Italy in this quarter-final fixture, he will have the responsibility to help contain Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku.

Acerbi has plenty of experience in going up against Lukaku, which includes multiple duels with him in Serie A play over the past couple of years.

In speaking to UEFA’s official website, the Italian defender provided some detail on just what it would take to help keep Lukaku off the scoreboard.

Lukaku is a great striker. He’s made a difference in Serie A.

He is someone you always have to be on the ball with, always alert. We have already stopped him; he is already known, but we know that he is a player to whom if you leave half a space, he scores goals. He is a player of international level. But there are many others like him.

But it is the group that in the end will be decisive to win this match. There are many others on Belgium who are dangerous but we also have many great players. Even for them, it will be very difficult.

If Acerbi does go on to feature in this key match, it would surely be the biggest challenge of his international career with Italy so far.

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