Car Carrying Lazio Midfielder Guerini Was Not Speeding On the Night of His Death

The car in which Lazio Primavera midfielder Daniel Guerini was travelling was not speeding on the night of his death.

As reported by Italian newspaper Il Messaggero (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today, the investigation revealed, using the CCTV images on Viale Palmiro Togliatti, that the Smart car containing the Biancocelesti midfielder and his friends was not speeding when it crashed.

Tiziano Rozzi, the footballer’s close friend and the driver of the car, has therefore been cleared of wrongdoing. The teenager is still suffering a lot from the incident and is unable to comment on that evening’s events.

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The investigation is still ongoing, with the exact dynamics of the situation unclear. In the report, it states that the Smart Car was driving at a ‘moderate’ speed and that there were no signs of braking on the road.

The report also highlighted that the road was damaged around 30-35 meters away from the crash site. The potholes, which were not covered even 24 hours after the accident, were immediately claimed to have been decisive in the collision.

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Daniel’s mother Michela Guerini commented on the news, saying:

I had no doubt, I was sure from the beginning that Tiziano was not speeding that night, the elements that have emerged only strengthen my conviction.

I know that boy with whom my son grew up and I have always believed him because he did not lie. Even though he doesn’t remember anything about the accident to this day, he always said not to speed.

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