Italy Coach Mancini: “It Will Be a Beautiful Match in Front of a Full Stadium”

Italy coach Roberto Mancini looked ahead to tomorrow’s Euro 2020 final against England.

Speaking to gathered reporters in a press conference (via La Lazio Siamo Noi) earlier today, the 56-year-old Italian coach discussed tomorrow’s European Championship final.

They are strong, they have many good players. But we are strong too. Sterling has improved a lot, we will have to be very good but there are others besides him.

I don’t know who will play on the right, then there’s Kane. Everyone up front is good and has great quality, speed and technique.

He spoke about the tension of this match compared to the opening game of Euro 2020 against Turkey.

With Turkey it was the first one and it was a difficult match, the final is different.

I’m not nervous, maybe tomorrow I will be.

The Azzurri coach touched on the front page of the Scottish newspaper featuring Braveheart with an Italian tri-colour.

The newspaper page is nice. Apart from that we will just have to play our game.

We’ll have to play a great game, that’s all we have to think about. It’s a football match at the end of the day.

Mancini spoke about how tomorrow is also the anniversary of the Azzurri’s 1982 World Cup final win against West Germany.

I hope that, like in 1982, it can be important for us Italians.

He commented on what the squad need to do in tomorrow’s match.

We must be calm. It will be difficult, for many reasons, but we have to be focused on our game and try to implement it as best we can, knowing that it will be the last game.

If we want to enjoy ourselves for another 90 minutes, we have to do it tomorrow. Then the European Championship will be over and they will go on holiday.

The 56-year-old Italian coach discussed English football as a whole.

They have great passion for football like Italy, they have always had great teams like now. It will be a beautiful match in front of a full stadium and this is wonderful for those who love football.

It will be a good day to play a game, we know of their great qualities and we will see how it goes. If they are in the final, it means they are a great team.

The Azzurri coach spoke about the importance of the fan support.

I hope to hear from our fans at the end of the game. We have a lot to think about during the game, defending well, scoring. I hope to hear our fans at the end of the game.

Mancini touched on Lazio star Ciro Immobile, who has been heavily criticised throughout Euro 2020.

Everyone needs a cuddle after 50 days together. They’ve always been good days, positive days, but I’m happy with all their work.

Of Ciro, of Gallo, of the little that Raspadori played. They all gave more than 100% otherwise we wouldn’t be here. I am happy with them and what they have done.

The former Inter and Manchester City coach gave his thoughts about this Italy squad.

Entertaining, for sure. I hope also substantial, it was not easy, we were good in trying to qualify before, there were difficult, very difficult matches.

It’s been a difficult journey, I hope we have fun for 90 minutes and then go on holiday. One last effort.

He revealed that the team wouldn’t be looking to change their style tomorrow.

Even with Spain we would have liked to play our game, they were good at limiting us. Our identity has brought us this far, we can’t change it now.

The 56-year-old Italian coach then commented on the midfield battle.

They are not only strong in midfield, they have strength everywhere.

Maybe they are physically stronger than us, but football is played with the ball on the ground and we hope we can do better knowing that these qualities are important.

Sometimes the smallest team wins, it has already happened, but we will have to do our best.

Finally, Mancini spoke about what the final means for him personally.

It is among the most important moments. I played in the national team until the Under-21s, then in the National A team, but we didn’t win the European U21 and World Cup that we would have deserved.

It’s an important moment for me, we represent Italy, I hope to have tomorrow those satisfactions that I didn’t have as a player despite having played in very strong national teams.

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